The guards you need, wherever you need them.

SDI provides premium guard services at a fair price. Our management teams and corporate structure is comprised primarily of former military and law enforcement, ensuring that our high standards of operations are always met. Project managers and regional operations managers ensure that CRM is maintained to the highest levels possible, and our clients are never left in the dark. Take a look below at just how much you are guaranteed by our guard services alone.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

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A huge range of operational experience.

Our extensive experience and current projects provide us with the know how to handle any project. We specialize in critical infrastructure, EPC projects, executive protection, and emergency response!

Critical Infrastructure

Chemical refineries, LNG terminals, ports, even power plants. We specialize in Critical Infrastructure protection. With years of experience in this market, we can even develop or audit your FSP to ensure you are within regulations and getting the most for your dollar.

EPC Construction

We have staffed and protected multiple EPC projects along the gulf coast. We understand the complexities and efficiency needed with large scale projects, and can develop a security plan that doesn't affect your workflow.

Mobile Patrol

Don't need guards 24/7? That's okay. We can accommodate your needs with mobile patrol services, setting up routine or irregular stops at your site or property to ensure you are getting protection without full time staffing.

Corporate Security

Whether its large scale commercial buildings or a standard sized office building, we can provide armed and unarmed guards, camera systems, even access control. Don't want a uniform? Ask us about our business dress options.

Executive Protection

Whether you're flying in from overseas, taking a trip outside of the city, or need protection throughout the workday. Our SRT Team can provide EP and PSD services to ensure you have 360 degree protection. Our guards train regularly to provide these services, the level of service is unrivaled.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Client dashboards~ show where every penny goes.

Customizable dashboards allow our clients to physically see all security related data for their site. You can even select TLM data to be displayed, allowing you to track guard hours and staffing compliance in real time!

Automatic Reporting~ Ensures compliance and transparency.

Automatic reports can be sent out for any event on your site. Incident reports, guard tour data, visitor logs, even Key Performance Indicators can be in the palm of your hand!

Our powerful guard management software is provided by a 3rd party, ensuring 100% transparency for our clients.

Data and metrics can be used to identify security risks or ongoing problems, making addressing these issues a breeze! Data exports can also provide all documentation needed for government regulated sites, and their audits.

Your entire security staff, done in one place.

Access Control

Guards are trained for advanced access control techniques such as: challenging suspicious persons, vehicle searches, interview questioning, and credential verification.

Patrol Officers

Patrol officers are not only fully trained on the access control procedures of our sites, but also conduct guard tours, which are documented in our guard management software.

SOC Operators

We can provide highly trained SOC operators, with advanced computer and dispatching abilities, ensuring that the centerfold of your security operations always runs smooth and efficient.

Project Managers

Our project managers have years of experience outside of the private security sector. Oversight and accountability is paramount to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Professional Security
isn't just an act.

SDI employs experienced and professional security officers. Our officer training program is extensive, and far beyond any minimum training requirements by our competitors. We go a step above and ensure our officers receive customer service, de-escalation, counterterrorism, and even CPR/AED training.

We have the right tools
to get the job done

SDI issues every officer a standard set of equipment. Our officers are equipped with a minimum of: duty belts, flashlights, handcuffs, key clips, latex gloves & pouch, and handgun holsters (when applicable).

The best patrol vehicles
on the market.

SDI takes pride in our fleet. All SDI patrol vehicles are outfitted with state of the art equipment, including: Computer systems, radios, emergency lights, sirens and PA systems. Our vehicles have GPS and dash cameras providing 100% accountability and transparency to our clients. Our dash cameras have AI to ensure our drivers are always following our policies, and more importantly, the law.

Officers for every level of protection.

With our unique tiered system, we give you the option the pick your level of protection and experience. This system allows you to custom fit our services for your budget. Fear not, we still offer exceptional services, even at our lowest tier of Guard Services.

Pick your uniformed look

Select a level of experience

Provide your budget

Yes, it really is that simple!