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This document is not a job application but will instead be used as a “letter of interest” that will allow Stratigos Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) to record those interested in employment. Those with the appropriate qualifications will be informed they have met the requirements for opportunities in the future. Due to recent events, SDI has received an unprecedented increase in service requests. With that increase in job opportunities, SDI would like to take the time to announce an open invitation to anyone who is interested in joining our team. This document will be management to identify personnel for positions that include close protection, force protection, site security, emergency response, K9 and more.

Our Promise. We will not spam you or provide your information to any third parties. Completing this document with the all your relevant experience and skill sets, will then place you in our database to be contacted. When an opportunity arises, you will be contacted to being the recruiting process for employment. You may then agree to the terms for employment if you are able to accept or simply request to pass until a later date. We will not share your personal information that is submitted on this form with any outside agencies to ensure no conflicts are created with any obligations or agreements you have in place.

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