Mobile Security PatrolĀ 

SDI provides 24/7 Mobile patrol services in our areas of operation

Through our versatile patrol services we deliver:

  • Custom/Randomized Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • Conducting Safety Checks on Lone Workers
  • Property Safety Checks
  • Landlord Support
  • Bank/ATM Inspections
  • Key Services - Opening/Closing Businesses
  • Checking exterior entryways, gates, windows, and more.
  • Crime Deterrence
  • Mitigate Vagrants, Trespassers & Loiters from your property
  • Residential Checks combined with instant reports
  • Asset protection for Construction and Pipeline projects
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Our motto at SDI is " Security. Assurance. Service," which is achieved through quality personnel and technology. Through our third-party technology software, we are able to generate REAL-TIME reports for our clients. Transparency is an ideal we consider paramount to the success of our team and company. Thus, our clients are granted 24/7 access to information and key performance indicators organic to their property or business.

Security Patrol


Even with all the current developments in technology, we still live in an age of uncertainty. Unfortunately, to employ quality 24/7, Security Services usually comes with a hefty price tag. Mobile Patrol changes the game in a way that anyone can afford their own peace of mind. This is due in part to the versatility that mobile patrol solutions deliver. Whether it's a corporation or homeowner, clients can now dictate how much they want to spend, where services are performed, and how often services are required.

  • Scaleable , Customized, Cost-Effective Security Solutions that works for you
  • 24/7 Support
  • We create reports 100% tailored to your needs
  • Instant report delivery
Security patrol unit