Flash Reports


May 19, 2020


Despite the fact Mexico, like most of the world, is dealing with COVID19, fuel theft has not stopped. There have been over 2,646 incidents of some form of fuel theft in the country, whether through hot tapping, corruption, robbery, etc. The configures would mean that there are roughly 5 incidents of fuel theft in the country per day. This is an increase from last year as there were only 213 incidents recorded. That means we have seen a 122% in fuel theft.


The State of Hidalgo accounted for the most incidents with 898 recorded between January and March of 2020. According to PEMEX the State of Tabasco had 122 incidents while the State of Tamaulipas had 115 incidents.


Authorities have made some positive strides when dealing with fuel theft. The Federal Police conducted an operation in the State of Tabasco on a property where they were able to locate drilling equipment, heavy machinery, tools, and more. PEMEX believes some of the equipment belongs to them. Early this year, uncorroborated reports surfaced that PEMEX's Dos Bocas facility was robbed of similar equipment. PEMEX had advised that authorities have assisted with securing over 184,925 liters if stolen hydrocarbons.