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Merchant Navy rejects Morena's proposal to militarize ports

January 6, 2021

Members of the Merchant Navy rejected the project that Morena presented to " militarize" customs and ports , this with the initiative to extend the powers of the Secretary of the Navy . They accused that the proposal is unconstitutional and implies a setback in the development and strengthening of the Mexican Merchant Marine.

What did they say?

- They stated that the functions of the Armed Forces are delimited by article 129 of the Constitution to the aid or support of civil institutions and limits their participation in other matters to exceptional cases, limiting their use as much as possible, always subordinate and supervised under a civil command .

“This initiative is far from becoming a measure to combat corruption, since there is no evidence that the Armed Forces reduce it, on the contrary, the military forces are not the exception in this type of practice. It should be noted that only 3% of the member states of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have military authorities involved in the operation of ports and these cases were the consequence of military coups or dictatorial governments ”, they say in a statement.