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Paraiso – Police arrest four men responsible for rash of robberies

July 19, 2020

While not much information is being released by local police, it has been confirmed that four men connected to robberies in the area have been arrested. The suspects are the first four people of a much lager criminal organization operating the Dos Bocas/Paraiso area of the Tabasco.

The modus operandi of the suspects is as follows:

The suspects that were apprehended are believed to have committed over four armed robberies in Paraiso. Police have stated that they are investigating in hopes to learn more about the larger organization the suspects belong to. Police however did not mention how they apprehended the four suspects other than it was a part of an ongoing investigation.

July started off on a temp that was set to be the most violent month of the year. However, the last 8-9 days, we have seen a reduction in known violence in the State of Tabasco.