Flash Reports


May 14, 2020

Over 50 companies with assets in the areas of Sonda de Campeche and the Tabasco Coast have voiced their concerns over security and why SEMAR has done so little to prevent maritime crimes. Current estimates show at least 180 vessels are supporting the nearly 300 platforms in the region, all of which are at risk of piracy. However, due to the economic impacts brought about by COVID 19, over 140 vessels are sitting at anchorage between Cd del Carmen and Dos Bocas. The Mexican Chamber of the Maritime Transport Industry has voiced its concern and formally requested that SEMAR make a significant increase to demonstrate its intervention against piracy.
Presently, SEMAR is evaluating increasing its surveillance operations in the region. There have been no formal statements from SEMAR advising that more assets would be deployed.
Given the current state of Mexico battling COVID, it is highly plausible that dealing with piracy has been placed on the back burner to concentrate on the COVID epidemic. Given the fact that so many vessels rest at anchorage and the chaotic economic situation inland, we may witness increase piracy over the coming weeks or possibly months.