Flash Reports

Social turbulence

January 6, 2021

Political and social dissatisfactions are accumulating for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Some are growing, such as the protest against femicides, or that of agricultural producers over the water problem. Some are recycled, such as road and railroad blockades in Michoacán, and others have simply not stopped happening, such as the hijacking of booths on the country's highways. On the way is the dairy protest in several states and the increase in belligerence in Mexico City, with the protest of the movement that wants the resignation of the President.

Javier Sicilia, the activist with whom he once fought shoulder to shoulder, wrote him a fifth letter this Sunday where he says that it is increasingly difficult for him to call him “President”, because “you have promoted too much hatred, contempt and aggression to continue loving you ”, Given his lynching attitudes more typical of an inquisitor than a Pharisee of the Gospel. Dante Delgado, leader of the Citizen Movement and who was also an ally of López Obrador, wrote him another letter over the weekend in which he affirmed that "you have carried out the threat of sending the institutions to hell."

The cauldron is heating up for the President, who in his inability to solve problems, raises its temperature. He does not stop harassing and mocking the almost 700 intellectuals, writers, researchers, academics and members of civil society who demanded that he respect freedoms, who responded on the day of its dissemination with a photograph escorted by two businessmen, Miguel Rincón, who is his compadre, and Carlos Slim, the richest person in Mexico, to seek a message of inclusion and support. Pathetic, for false and useless.

The official response to the deployment was to collect signatures, which now number more than 30,000, criticizing critics and calling for a public debate. López Obrador, in his position as a morning sniper, complained that the media had not given this collection of signatures the same space as the one deployed. Impossible to do it. Whether they like it or not like some of the signatories, the deployment arose from the need to join forces in the face of the common threat that affects everyone, while the collection of signatures was assembled by those who manage Morena's school of cadres, together with one of the ideological advisers of the President, and the main propagandists of the government. How to give the same weight to society as to the nomenklatura? Not even in the times of the PRI it was done.

The President digs in, even though he seems to be marching forward. His mornings have become irrelevant in what he has to report, because he does not report, having turned them into a ring where he gets on to fight. But even in the fight, things don't go the way I want. Last week, in the social networks where he thinks all things happen, because he believes that thanks to them he won the presidential elections and not because of the media, whose tireless denunciations about the corruption of the regime fed them, it was literally fatal. They did not win the digital battles, despite the more than 150 million pesos that, according to experts, they are investing monthly in them to defend themselves.

Dominate the conversation, but not the topics of the conversation. Those who still think that he is a genius in political communication are not analyzing that what the President is doing is reacting and defending himself against his own mistakes, which the flesh and blood press shows him as a mirror on the Palace mornings. It is not in tactical withdrawal, as the military strategists would command, because it does not understand withdrawals, but, like the dictators in Argentina, who invented the Malvinas War to hide the deep economic crisis, it is fleeing forward, without foreseeing, as it happened. in that country, that by not having control over all the variables, the results can be disastrous.

López Obrador has no control over the epidemic variable, where to prevent public opinion from continuing to signal the disaster of the strategy, those responsible for combating Covid-19 modified methodologies, stopped publishing projections, and are not counting all cases of contagion and deaths in the country. The dead are not hidden, and more and more appear on the horizon, identified with another disease.

It has control over economic variables, but the way it does it generates lack of control and a deepening crisis. It continues to squeeze the central bureaucracy, and budget adjustments, which are affecting its social programs, because the money that it claims to save through austerity is being thrown into works that are so strategic for the country, such as, for example, the cultural complex in Los Pinos or the ecological park in Texcoco. Their phobias harm the population and damage the treasury.

The President is emotionally affected, and although it is an observation that can be correctly crossed out as subjective, it can be seen through the images: One, the way he walked with his wife in the National Palace on his way to give the 'Scream' of 15 September, where he projected the presidential inauguration exhausted; two, last Friday, mocking with a forced and strangely macabre laugh, the head of Reform that mentioned the number of massacres that have occurred in his six-year term.

López Obrador's problem is that he doesn't stop for a moment to reflect, because he doesn't even listen to his own. Or some of yours, too, heat up your neurons, even if they lead you to make wrong decisions. As you like to read, it is worth recommending that you read The March of Madness , by Bárbara Tuchman, as soon as possible , where it documents “unreason” in decision-making. He must get something out of it, if he does it in a self-critical way, for the benefit of himself and the country.