Meet The Team

Corporate Team

Jason Wilbur

CEO, President

A USMC veteran and former LEO with eight years of private security and consulting experience. Seven of those years in managerial and executive roles. Jason is also a sitting board member of the LBPSE.

Dave Thibodeaux

VP, Administration

A USMC veteran, attached to a CBRN Response Team. Dave has three and half years of Oil & Gas industry experience and six years of combined management and executive experience. 

Seth Riser

VP, Research & Development

A NAVY veteran with CERT & K9 handling experience. Seth has nine years of combined security industry experience, with seven of those years in managerial and executive roles.

Chase Peloquin

VP, Operations

A USMC veteran with three and half years of HSSE inspection and coordination experience. Chase also has five years of private security experience in both management and executive positions.

Hank Douglas

VP, Quality Assurance

With fourteen and half years of combined business management experience, with areas of focus including quality control and P&L’s. Hank has played key roles in organizing the growth of businesses.