Remote Monitoring


24/7 in-house monitoring!

Our GSOC monitors all activity around your camera trailer 24 hours a day and dispatches patrols when services are combined!
We also have several pricing and delivery options available. You can also reach out to schedule an in-person demonstration of our trailer monitoring capabilities.

GSOC monitors for remote monitoring
Solar Powered
Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Backup Generator
6 Months Data Storage

Purpose-built, Security Artificial Intelligence

Our mobile response trailers run all footage through a secure and purpose-built security AI. This proactive artificial intelligence is far different than our competitors. Real-time monitoring means real-time alerts, which translates to far quicker response times. 

Our Artificial Intelligence monitors for:

Image of a Mobile Response Trailer for Remote Monitoring
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Proactive Artificial Intelligence, what does it mean?

Proactive Monitoring

Leveraging the latest AI technologies, specifically deep learning, reduces 99% of false alerts while minimizing missed events. The AI is trained to work in sub-optimal conditions.

Real Time Alerts

Because our AI actually filters live video footage, we are able to receive alerts about security risks in REAL TIME. This provides extremely fast response capabilities.

24/7 Monitoring

Our GSOC monitors all activity around your camera trailer 24 hours a day. Allowing us to notify the client, or our own security patrols of activity, while it's actually happening.

PPE Compliance

PPE detection, fallen worker alerts, COVID mask compliance, and more customizable options. Our AI can send alerts when workers do not comply with your specifications.


For Your Remote Monitoring Needs.

Our mobile response trailers are top-of-the-line when it comes to solar-powered remote monitoring. They can operate for up to 72 hours with no sunlight, have 2-way communication to warn violators they are on video, six months of onboard storage, and even contain a backup onboard generator!

Remote Monitoring with Stratigos Dynamics
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