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We support our clients through obtaining State and Federal accreditation and/or registrations.

Our team also provides various in-depth risk assessments ranging from insurance, subcontractor audits, safety, and more. We support clients with Pollution & Security Response Preparedness plans, drills, and exercises.

We also provide client-specific Pandemic and Business Continuity Plans.

- Vulnerability, Threat & Risk Assessments

- Security Operations Assessments & Audits

Financial advisor consulting


Our experienced team has provided Regulatory services for numerous Energy and Maritime Clients. Services include MTSA, CFATS, CTPAT, DOT, etc. Our team can assist you with Facility Security Plans, Master Plans, SVAs, etc. We provide safety management services to include ISN & Avetta Support, 3rd Party Safety Audits, Pre-Task Assessments, etc.

  • USCG – MTSA (33 CFR PART 105)

  • DHS – CFATS (6 CFR PART 27)





Classes & Training We Offer

First Aid

Including some advanced training techniques, such as tourniquets, compression bandages, and chest seals.


Including handbag resuscitation and conventional CPR.


Utilizing top-of-the-line AED Training devices.

Epi Application

With trainer Epi-pens, explaining how to use them, how to identify the need to use them, and the dangers associated.



How to properly assist someone with asthma and the function and operation of an inhaler.

Blood Borne Pathogen

How to utilize a BBP kit, and how to protect yourself from disease.

Emergency Oxygen Administration

How to properly fit a mask, utilize an oxygen supply, and when to administer to someone in need.

Group training only, Class minimum of 6.

Active Shooter Preparedness

for Schools, churches, businesses & facilities
  • Training on Prevention, Protection, Response, and Recovery
  • When to: Run, Hide, or Fight
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (advanced first aid during shooter situations)

Concealed Carry Courses

  • Company training and licensing if employees need to carry on the job
  • Commercial businesses only. Class minimum of 6.

FSO Training

  • USCG and DHS approved Facility Security Officer training and certification
  • Understand and comprehend current and upcoming regulatory requirements (6 CFR Part 27; 33 CFR Part 105)
  • Toolbox for regulatory audit preparations
  • Certificate for completion
  • FSO is provided at no cost to current clients

K-9 Handler Training

  • NNDDA Certified Handlers in Narcotics and Explosives are available to provide training and instruction to prepare and qualify canines and handlers
  • Our handlers are top-tier subject matter experts
  • Available to be deployed worldwide
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