Mobile Patrol

Premium Mobile Patrol Services

For your property, neighborhood, or business.

Our team of security professionals is ready to utilize mobile patrol and keep you safe. We provide world-class security & safety services to our clients across multiple industries.

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Business Checks

Active deterrence saves lives.

Don’t let your business become susceptible to crime, our mobile patrol services come standard with business checks. Our officers will get to know your employees and your regular customers. This allows the officer to recognize out-of-the-ordinary activity at your property better.

HOA Patrol

Full time? Part time? ‍we do both!

Neighborhood patrols actively deter criminal activity, protect children after school, and bring peace of mind. Whether you need 24/7 routine patrols, fixed interval mobile patrols, or randomly timed patrols, we have a solution!

Hostile Terminations

Not every employee ‍takes bad news well.

Workplace violence is more than just workplace shooting, it includes verbal threats, intellectual property threats, and even physical altercations. Our mobile patrol officers can be available at a moment’s notice if you feel the need to have protection during an employee termination.

Parking Lot Patrol

Parking lots no longer get overlooked.

80% of all crime that occurs at strip malls, apartment complexes, and shopping malls takes place in the parking lot. Our parking lot patrol services are armed, experienced officers who provide a level of protection your customers will appreciate.

Here's why our Patrol Service is Different

Mobile Patrol Reports

We provide comprehensive and detailed reports for each of our patrol stops, and can even deploy a guard tour system at your location. This ensures you see what you are paying for.

Crime Statistics

We provide regular crime statistics for your neighborhood or business district and couple this with our patrol reports over time, showing you how much of a true decrease in crime our services actually provide.

Complete Oversight

When combining our patrol and response services with our remote monitoring solutions, you get full security coverage at all times. We have solar, pole-mounted camera systems that can keep an eye on your property or neighborhood, even in between our patrols.

Smart Neighborhoods

Our GSOC monitors our patrol officers 24/7, this ensures that time frames and patrol interval requirements are met. Is your average officer stuck at another business? Not an issue with SDI; we can immediately dispatch another officer to ensure your requirements are always met.

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