Security Response Team

24-hour Response Team

Stratigos Dynamics employs and maintains a 24-hour Security Response Team (SRT) for Emergency Response, K9 Services, Crowd Control, Drone Services, and Rescue Operations. SRT is comprised of prior military and law enforcement SWAT personnel.


Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, SDI’s capabilities far outweigh the competition. We have the equipment and personnel to get our people into flooded and inaccessible areas when others can’t.

K9 Services

We offer 100% in-house canine detection services, both narcotics, and explosive detection. Our K9s and handlers are all equipped with years of experience and certifications.

Crowd Control

Our SRT team has specialized training for Advanced Crowd Control techniques. Whether you have a worker strike, a mass lay-off, or press inquiries, we have a solution for you.

Drone Services

We don’t just have an FAA Certified Drone Pilot… We have an entire team of certified pilots. We regularly conduct drone services for Real Estate, Security, and the Oil/Gas Industry.

Rescue Operations

Our SRT personnel are certified rescue personnel and ready for deployment. We can supplement existing ERTs with certified staff, or deploy rapidly for emergency rescue operations.

Mobile Command

With our state of the art mobile command center, continuity of operations is never a concern. Our command center can fully replace an on-site SOC during emergencies or evacuations.

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